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A professional business presentation or commercial presentation is a document used to draw the attention of the target audience to a particular company, service, product, or offer.

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Presentations are sent via email, handed out in person, or used as accompanying material during a public presentation.

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When ordering business presentation services, first of all, it is necessary to set up your goals. A single presentation format for all occasions, alas, does not exist. As for a specific purpose or for each individual event, you will most likely have to create an individual project.

  • Corporate presentations. Materials developed for companies in order to show the strengths of an organization or brand, to demonstrate the terms of cooperation.
  • Selling presentation. It can describe the company as a whole, a separate service or product, and the structure of this kind of presentation is built in such a way as to encourage a potential client to purchase a product or service.
  • Presentations for speeches. A special type of presentation, where slides are adapted for broadcasting materials on any projector and for any audience.
  • Image presentations. Unique, promotional materials developed in the StoryTelling format to increase the impact of the presentation on the audience.
  • Advertising presentations. Slides created as part of advertising campaigns, promotions, and events that help increase awareness and attract more consumers.

Our company creates outstanding business presentations

Our team of specialists possess knowledge and expertise in creating bright visual images and engaging texts, allowing us to reach business objectives. Recognition of industry trends is a key instrument for a successful introduction of goods and services.

Many businesses, start-ups, franchise services, and a variety of B2B companies actively use our presentations for direct dialogue with their partners and clients. Presentation is especially good in complex services or products including software development and IT, design, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, etc.


We are particularly proud of working with big international companies including Coca-Cola, Telefonica, Thomson Reuters, Alcon, Adidas, MTV, Takeda, and other clients.

Some of our recent achievements are winning presentations and cases with :

  • Takeda pharmaceutical company(products presentations in 2018 suggested to be a helping hand in company’s products sales increase by 30% in 2017)
  • Bayer, a leading healthcare company(presentation cases, that in 2018 indicated a 15 % in sales increase).
  • Goodgames soft presentation advanced in $ 500k sponsorship
  • Startup – Albomkin presentation received funding from venture investors.

Business presentation

It’s not possible to take a look at an empty slide and create an original presentation that absolutely everyone will like. Before developing marketing material, it is necessary to conduct research and answer 2 main questions: Why? and to whom? A professional business presentation allows to:

  • Increase brand and company awareness;
  • Get investment and sponsorship support;
  • Tell potential partners about your company;
  • Give interested clients the most advantageous offer;
  • Take part in the tender;
  • Speak in front of an audience;
  • Present results internally, e.g. to management;
  • Provide materials for staff training;
  • Submit an annual work plan;
  • Evaluate the dynamics of growth/development or other achievements.

And each of the above-listed types has its features that must be considered in order to achieve the desired goal. And professional designers, providing their business presentation services know in detail all the features of all the above-listed types of presentations, so you can safely entrust them with the development of your document



What is a business presentation?

A Business Presentation is a printed or electronic document that describes a product or business to potential customers.

How do I write a professional business presentation?

You have to decide on the structure, work out a holistic and high-quality design, add graphic materials, for example, infographics, put everything into a single document in a form convenient for distribution and perception of the target audience. Then, once again, review and make changes if the original idea is distorted, or something is missing, or vice versa, something is superfluous.


What makes a good professional presentation?

A good professional business presentation has everything you need to make it easy for the audience to read the main message, there is a call to action, and at the same time, it looks quite attractive. Besides, a professional presentation must be professionally presented. The legendary evangelist, Guy Kawasaki, formulated the following rule for the best presentation: "10-20-30" (no more than 10 slides, 20 minutes of presenting, 30 font size, no water).


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