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Medical presentation is a way of sharing information regarding medical procedures. It is a good form of bringing awareness to important health issues.

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Medical PowerPoint presentations are useful for many categories of people including doctors, hospital staff, patients and clients and people who want to know more about procedures in the human body and get the awareness of risks and diseases.

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Information in form of text is not always efficient or easy to understand. Extensively used by other industries, PowerPoint presentations became appealing for medicine presentation and presentations for pharma.

These presentations are informative and often have educational functions, allowing us to know more about mechanisms in human bodies, prevention of illnesses and staying healthy. Containing knowledge about important health topics, medical presentations involve visual technics such as video, illustrations, pictures, graphics and other elements.

Medical PowerPoint slides made with graphics allow to get listeners’ attention and help them understand complex information. Visual elements better illustrate ideas and concepts allowing to use of presentations of materials for educational purposes for teaching students and medical staff.

Medical PowerPoint presentation is an effective way of introducing new information because it is allowing to absorb and memorize information better than a usual text or spoken form. These PPTX slides are used by medical professionals for seminars, conferences and medical presentations to introduce new medicines and explain information regarding medical procedures, facts and mechanisms in the human body.


Our company offers medical  presentations design

A  team of experts, we possess sufficient knowledge in the medicinal field and have unprecedented experience in designing presentations for medical and healthcare environments.

Specializing in creating explanatory images and texts for the medical industry,  our company offers a wide range of presentations, that are based on research and understanding of complex medical terms.

We always perform marketing analysis and conduct target audience research. Recognition of trends in the medical and healthcare industry, helping our clients to introduce products and services more effectively.


Many healthcare companies and institutions and a  variety of medical businesses actively use our presentations for direct dialogue with partners and clients. Professionally made presentations are used to clarify and demonstrate complex procedures and mechanisms, helping to promote products and services to the general audience.

We are honoured to be working with big brands. Our recent winning presentations and cases include:

  • Bayer, a leading healthcare company(presentation cases, that in 2018 indicated a 15 % sales increase).
  • Takeda pharmaceutical company(products presentations in 2018 suggested to be a helping hand in company’s products sales increase by 30% in 2017).

Our Experience in Medical Presentations

The company has extensive experience in creating effective medical presentations for businesses.  Practical experience in developing and conducting modern business demonstrations, helping our company create medical presentations in any format.

Medical PowerPoint presentations exclusively designed by us, already helped our customers to increase revenue.  Ordering presentation is a cost-effective solution allowing to achieve business objectives.

Professional designers and copyrighters develop presentation structures based on purpose and write unique texts to engage the target audience.  We build unique designs, structures and layouts and choose suitable images and infographics. All the solutions offered by the company correspond to the modern trends; we always monitor and research the market for new trends and effective solutions.


The Importance of Good Design in Healthcare

Good design is a very useful tool for the healthcare industry; regarding that healthcare is an environment with many processes and opportunities in need of innovation. Many countries worldwide require new methods to improve healthcare standards. The end-users of healthcare are always those who need the best medical facilities and deserve them.

Thoughtful design can certainly help healthcare professionals to find solutions that the healthcare system needs. To create medical presentations that capture the audience’s attention, it is recommended; of filling slides with text; to illustrate ideas using graphs, charts, diagrams and pictures. These slides help to engage and delight an audience as they are self-explanatory and allow easy understanding of complex processes.


Why You Should Work with a Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer for a presentation is a person who helps develop presentation layout and helps with content creation, structure and layout, pictures and infographics. Sometimes designers do motion graphics and market analysis to ensure the quality and relevancy of content.

A presentation designer’s job is visual communication and conveying meanings. A specialist in designing presentations helps to open a project, report the progress of the work done and make a commercial offer to customers.

The visual designer can work with people and with meaning. If we are speaking about a designer within a corporation, then the most important task is to understand the purpose of the presentation, a real, specific goal, for example: “increase conversion to sales” or “get project financing.”, etc.


Visual designers work on the structure. A project can be crystal clear or completely confusing. It all depends on the sequence of the story. A visual designer should have a good eye and keep an eye on fellow UI designers (because presentations are becoming more and more like websites or videos). Also, he must be proficient in both PowerPoint and Photoshop (and also Figma) to stay on trend and keep up with the standards.

How are Medical Presentations Helpful?

Medical presentations can be very helpful for doctors’ practice and their patients; since patients want to know as much detail as possible about health-related issues, medical PPTX slides can provide a comprehensive analysis of the treatment.

When it comes to education for staff and students, medical PowerPoint presentations are very valuable. Students require more knowledge of medical practice and have many questions related to their future careers. Medical presentations are beneficial for education and obtaining professional knowledge.


PowerPoint is used to help to add multiple elements to a presentation such as photos, graphics, visuals, animations, audio and more. There is a way to make make a PowerPoint presentation using free medical PowerPoint templates that reflect the theme of the presentation. They can be found on the Internet. Attractive PowerPoint slides will enhance the medical presentation and give it a completely different look.

Animated PowerPoint Presentations

Animation is a technology allowing to use of stationary objects to create the illusion of movement. This attracts and retains the attention of the audience. Capturing the listeners’ attention is the main goal of any presentation, so it is worth learning how to make animation in PowerPoint.  The use of animated PPTX slides makes it easier to perceive the presentation, highlight important thoughts and increase the interest in the content.


There are a few reasons for using  PowerPoint animation. First of all, this way of presenting allows control over the structure and speed. Secondly, it improves the appearance of slides and the overall presentation look more interesting. Animated PowerPoint slides suppose to match the character of the presentation and allow the illustration of ideas and principles; it is also suggested that these presentations are made to be appealing and engage the audience.


How do you make a medical PowerPoint presentation?

The way of making the presentation of medical products or services assumes making modern presentations with maximum visualization and a minimal amount of text content is required. Thus, careful work is required to optimize text content. These should be short, concise sentences of literally a few words; the entire text should be divided into abstracts.


For the medical presentation, it is recommended to choose a formal and at the same time easy design.  Even complex types of services should be described in understandable language and look clear to the target audience. The presentation should be based on infographics, diagrams, tables and pictures. Visual information is better perceived and, unlike text content, creates a welcoming and trustworthy atmosphere allowing interaction with the audience. If you have difficulties with building a structure or design, order a medical PowerPoint presentation with us.

What should be included in a medical presentation?

The medical PowerPoint presentation for products or services requires to include the information about benefits of use. The section describing medical products and services requires to include: product or service description and its importance to customers; advantages and uniqueness of the offer compared to the other offers on the market; the benefits for the clients for ordering products and services with your company.

The section describing the advantages of a particular hospital providing service includes: information about the clinic; the experience of medical staff; market observation benefits for clients using the hospital facilities.


How do I start a medical presentation?

To create a medical PowerPoint presentation, you will first need the knowledge of the subject you present.  Writing text content is one of the most important parts of the presentation.

The basics of the creating a text content include the following steps:

  • it is necessary to reduce the text to short, concise sentences in a few words, i.e. a thesis style text.
  • if there are tables or algorithms in the text, it is better to leave them untouched. Next, it is required to break the information obtained into parts – future slides. Come up with a title for each part of the text. Choose pictures or illustrations relevant to your text.
  • it is believed that text accompanied by graphic images is understood better. Create or download a ready-made template for your future presentation on medicine, which will serve as a background for your work.
  • now you can start the layout of the presentation. The first slide should display the name, the author, and the name of the company or educational institution.
  • the second slide usually contains the presentation plan. Then fill in all the slides in order according to the prepared text.

How do you end a medical presentation?

In conclusion, it is recommended to pay attention to design and use font size for the text at least 18pt,  and for headings – at least 24 pt, the font colour should be contrasting with the background.

Do not overuse design elements such as shadows, reflections, text texture or gradient. Instead use  “transitions” to the text (shifting, floating); it will look nice when done correctly.

Prepare a presentation speech, as the presentation needs comments and slides need to be accompanied by narration. On the final slide, it is appropriate to place a list of the literature used in the work.

What is a clinical presentation?

A clinical presentation is a medical presentation for a hospital or healthcare company. For presentations for medical institutions, it is important to create an appealing image of the company, attract patients and partners, and achieve commercial objectives. For effective clinical presentation, it is required to know the market and the features of clinical centres and facilities.


The structure and content of the clinical presentation are based on knowledge of specialists and medical equipment, the variety of services offered, particular terminology used, etc. Thus when preparing a clinical presentation, it is very important to correctly formulate, systematize and structure all information. These presentations are based on principles of convenience and built to help patients and medical institutions and companies to find each other.

In the medical PowerPoint presentation of a clinic, it is required to include sections containing:

  • brief information about the institution, clinical orientation, specifics of the activity, differences from similar medical centres or clinics and advantages; a fairly detailed list of specialists and a description of the services provided;
  • description of equipment and laboratory capabilities;
  • description of patient care programs;
  • certificates and licenses confirming the level, quality and legality of the economic activity of the institution; contact address, etc.

Additionally, the clinical presentation may include information about:

  • the leading specialists, history and location;
  • the achievements and prospects of development;
  • suppliers, partners and corporate clients, customer reviews, etc.

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