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A presentation design agency is a company that professionally develops presentation materials for various clients, or in other words, provides presentation design services. This is a whole team of specialists, mainly designers, copywriters, analysts, artists, etc.

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A person who orders a presentation receives a guaranteed result in the form of a professionally performed document, well-designed, aesthetically attractive, with the right message and semantic content.

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In practice, the presentation design process looks like this: a client contacts the agency, lists the requirements, and submits all the necessary materials in the form of text, graphics, infographics, etc. This is followed by a 4-stage process of creating a presentation, which includes obtaining initial data, working out ideas, design, and coordination of the finished result. Presentation design agency offers various presentation formats including -Powerpoint Presentation, Business Presentation, Presentation Consulting, PDF presentation, Pitch Deck Services.

Powerpoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint software is very actively used today in presentation design service. These materials can be displayed on any possible screen. The Microsoft PowerPoint toolset is intuitive and at the same time quite extensive so that even a person with no experience can create their own presentation from scratch. But, as for professional decisions, certain knowledge and skills are still required. PPT and PPTX formats are recognizable and universal, so if you need to present your material in the form of a presentation, feel free to choose PowerPoint for this.


Our design agency offers all types of presentations

The team of specialists possess appropriate knowledge and uses selling images and texts based on market analysis. We offer all types of presentations with the design that help promotions of goods and services. The services include creating a variety of designs and types including:

  • Informative presentations. Aiming to convey information about products or services to the audience. Highlighting all its features and competitive advantages, these presentations are great for new products.
  • Demo presentations intend for a more detailed product or service introduction, and assume  demonstration and interaction with an audience.
  • Selling presentations, that use slides and text with a description of the advantages of the product, and benefits that consumers receive with purchase.

Many businesses, start-ups and franchise services use our agency design for presentations to introduce their products to partners and clients. Presentation is especially good in complex services or products including software development and IT, design, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. We are exceptionally proud of working with big international companies and well-known brands, and some of our recent achievements are winning presentations and successful partnerships with:

  • Takeda pharmaceutical company(products presentations in 2018 suggested to be a helping hand in company’s products sales increase by 30% in 2017)
  • Bayer, a leading healthcare company(presentation cases, that in 2018 indicated a 15 % sales increase).
  • Goodgames soft presentation advanced in $ 500k sponsorship
  • Startup – Albomkin presentation received funding from venture investors.

Business Presentation

A business presentation is a special type of material that is used to draw the attention of the target audience to a particular company, service, product, or offer. Such presentations can be sent by email, handed out in person, or used as accompanying material during a public speech. If you want such a presentation to look professional, the best way is to contact a specialized agency and order presentation design services.

Presentation Consulting

Presentation consulting services help clients to solve issues related to planning and development, as well as the implementation of ideas in the form of a presentation. To do this, consulting companies research to determine optimal goals, objectives, messaging platforms, and strategies, as well as how to communicate with specific audiences and what content to use to get the best possible result. All this can help the company achieve its goals. It is among the most popular presentation services.


PDF presentation

This format is very popular among web users due to its ease of perception, small file size, and cross-platform nature (a PDF reader app is preinstalled on almost any device). PDF is one of the two most popular presentation formats, along with PPT. However, PDF also has some drawbacks, such as the complexity of editing, which makes it difficult for non-professionals to develop PDF presentations on their own.

Pitch Deck Services

Pitch Deck is a special presentation that is made to attract the attention of investors to involve them in the project. Every person interested in your project will first ask you for a Pitch Deck, so everyone should pay special attention to it. Surely, having designer slides does not guarantee you an investment, but an unprofessional presentation will NOT help you in achieving your goals.

The area for which presentation design service is provided also determines the basic principles that are used to create a presentation.

  • For medicine. Things like introducing new drugs, research reports, and other specialty medical issues require a special approach in presentation design.
  • For business. This presentation will make your business stand out from the competition and play an important role in its promotion.
  • For products and services. Here you need to present the product or service in the most favorable light to “hook” the client and encourage him to buy/order it.
  • For marketing. This includes a very wide range of work, including promotion of a brand or product/service, introduction to a new market, notification of new opportunities for customers, promotional campaigns, etc. Presentations are one of the main tools for presenting any information by marketers.
  • Technical Slides also have some features, in particular, those, concerning the presentation of graphic materials and a special technical language (formulas, equations, technical parameters, etc.), which also has to be taken into account when creating such a presentation.
  • Conference Presentations. What is the best way to present the results of the various conferences? Surely, a presentation. But to create it, you also need certain skills.

Work process

Even though each presentation is unique and you cannot use a pipeline approach to create them, the development process applied by presentation design agencies is still a well-established sequence that is guaranteed to lead to the desired result. It includes 4 stages: obtaining requirements from the customer, developing an idea, designing a slide, and adjusting the finished result.


What is a presentation design agency?

This is a team of specialists that creates professional presentations to order.


How much do presentation designers charge?

It depends on many factors, including the need to involve copywriters, graphic designers, analysts, and other specialists.

What is a presentation designer?

This is the person who is responsible for designing your presentation slides.

How do you design a professional presentation?

To achieve the desired effect, you need the skills of a professional designer and an understanding of the basic principles of creating presentations for various purposes.


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