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Our agency will implement any of your ideas in the form of a presentation. We will make your PowerPoint presentation really remarkable!

It Works!

Why it Works

For the vast majority of people, visual perception is the main source of information, so the best way to sell your product or service is to show it in the best visual form, for example, in a PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, the PowerPoint presentation design must be really impressive.

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It Works!

Why to outsource your PowerPoint presentation?

Making a truly outstanding presentation with good art and animation requires the skills of a graphic designer, motion designer, artist, UX/UI designer, and illustrator. What if you don’t have these skills? It doesn’t matter, you can still get an amazing promotional product because you can order it from us! DSP has everything required for that: specialists, a well-adjusted model that gives great results, and a lot of experience in similar work. We have made advertising materials for Coca-Cola, Telefonica, Thomson Reuters, Alcon, Adidas, MTV, Takeda, and other clients. When ordering a PowerPoint presentation or other visual material from us for outsourcing, you are guaranteed to get the result within the specified time.

The visual product created by our team is not only a beautiful picture, it uses special graphic and psychological approaches that will help you sell your product even more effectively. With our presentations, you can analyze how your users interact with the presentation and get feedback that you can use to adjust and improve your presentation.

Our presentations have already given the result! For example, the visual advertising products we created helped to increase sales of Takeda by 30% in 2017, Bayer by 15% in 2018, thanks to them Goodgames soft received additional funding – $500,000, and the startup Albomkin.com received funds for its development from a venture fund.


Our company offers professional presentations design

Our team of specialists possess knowledge and expertise in creating bright selling visual images and convincing texts based on marketing analysis of the target audience. Recognition of the latest trends is a key to the successful introduction of goods and services. Many businesses, start-ups, franchise services, and a variety of B2B companies actively use our presentations for direct dialogue with partners and clients.

Presentation is especially good in complex services or products including software development and IT, design, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.


We are particularly proud of working with big international companies, and some of our recent achievements are winning presentations and cases with:

  • Takeda pharmaceutical company(products presentations in 2018 suggested to be a helping hand in company’s products sales increase by 30% in 2017)
  • Bayer, a leading healthcare company(presentation cases, that in 2018 indicated a 15 % in sales increase).
  • Goodgames soft presentation advanced in $ 500k sponsorship
  • Startup – Albomkin presentation received funding from venture investors.  

We offer you several options for advertising materials

Our company has been working in this market for quite a long time and we offer our clients several types of advertising and presentation visual materials. Here they are:

  1. Interactive presentations (CLM presentations, E-detailing) based on HTML 5 technologies. Medical representatives often order such documents to promote their products. These presentations are compatible with CRM platforms.
  2. Business presentations for investors – these documents are made on behalf of the business for investors. Their main goal is to allocate tranches of investments from venture funds, usually for startups.
  3. Presentations from heads of departments for top managers. Their goal is to get additional funding. Typically these are static documents in PDF or PowerPoint format.

In any case, whatever your purpose is and whatever type of document you choose, you can count on our professionalism and strict fulfillment of all the conditions and requirements under the contract. You will receive your presentation in the agreed quality and within the agreed time. You will get the result you paid for!


How does it work?

Now let us take a closer look at how it works:

  1. You contact our team and provide your assignment for the presentation.
  2. We create a chat in a messenger to discuss operational edits with a customer.
  3. We clarify and discuss the requirements (for whom the presentation is intended, for what purposes, and what is the audience). This will allow you to get the desired result in the shortest possible time.
  4. We develop a draft presentation, study the market and client’s needs, offer options for successful presentations in the past.
  5. We approve/update the customer on the requirements for content and structure, then the result is handed over to the designer.
  6. The designer makes several references to past presentations, we choose the style and colors for the presentation.
  7. We send you a draft presentation from the designer
  8. Next, we approve/modify the presentation according to the wishes of a customer, make all the edits (until complete satisfaction with the final result).
  9. We transfer the finished result to a customer.

This sequence may be changed a little in some particular cases, but still, we work according to a well-adjusted scheme, which always leads to the same point – customers get what they paid for, the first-class PowerPoint presentation.


Our advantages:

By ordering a PowerPoint presentation from our company, you get the following benefits:

  • A team of PowerPoint designers, motion designers, portraitists, UX/UI designers, Illustrators. We are ready to create any visual product for you for any purpose.
  • An analyst works on each project, who analyzes the market, audiences, and based on this, we prepare the presentation design for you.
  • We have already completed more than 500 projects. We have been working in the field of IT and healthcare for over 10 years.

In terms of price-quality-time spent, our company offers the best possible product.



Why choose us instead of other companies providing PowerPoint presentation design services? Because choosing us you get:

Highest quality service

We have worked out an effective algorithm for interacting with clients. Everything works like a conveyor belt. And clients enjoy collaboration with our world-class designers and analysts who lead them from start to finish, answering any questions, making corrections, and finalizing the presentation design to the perfect state.

Guaranteed result

In any case, you get a guaranteed result, no matter what. We strive to satisfy the needs of all our clients, therefore we work to complete the satisfaction of our clients. You will never come across a situation when the deadline for the presentation of the presentation has almost come, and the material is not ready. Do you want to be convinced of our professionalism? Check out our portfolio!


We offer a full range of world-class presentation design services at an affordable price. Even a customer with a very limited budget can still get the highest quality PowerPoint presentation design.

If you have any questions regarding ordering a PowerPoint presentation from our company, feel free to contact our managers, we are ready to advise you and help you to choose the best option for cooperation.


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