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A PowerPoint presentation is a versatile, feature-rich, and powerful marketing tool with a wide range of applications. They are used in negotiations with partners and investors, at meetings with managers, at exhibitions and meetings, to promote goods and services, and in some cases, they are just irreplaceable.

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PowerPoint presentations can be used in advertising, direct mail, social media, and this is far from a complete list of examples of their usage cases.

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It Works!

But, certain skills, knowledge, and experience are needed to make the presentation not only beautiful but also commercially successful to achieve the desired result. When you order a PowerPoint presentation services from a specialized company, not only the designer, but specialists from other areas also work on the project, and as a result, you get the most promising and effective solution.

If you need to make a high-quality presentation visual, work with content and not worry about deadlines, it is better to contact a small design studio that specializes in presentations. You can find it by writing a query like “order a PowerPoint presentation”, “PowerPoint presentation studio” or something like that in a search engine. In the case of a studio, its team will try to dive into the material, and not just design the slides to make them look pretty.


Our company offers professional PowerPoint presentations services

Our team of specialists possess knowledge and expertise in creating professional PowerPoint presentations and creating beautiful slides and engaging texts. Based on marketing analysis and target audience research, our presentations are a key to the successful introduction of goods and services and direct dialogue with partners and clients.

Presentation is especially good in complex services or products including software development and IT, design, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.


We are exceptionally proud of working with big international companies. Coca-Cola, Telefonica, Thomson Reuters, Alcon, Adidas, MTV, Takeda and many others are among our clients. Some of our recent achievements include winning presentations and cases with:

  • Takeda pharmaceutical company(products presentations in 2018 suggested to be a helping hand in company’s products sales increase by 30% in 2017)
  • Bayer, a leading healthcare company(presentation cases, that in 2018 indicated a 15 % in sales increase).
  • Goodgames soft presentation advanced in $ 500k sponsorship
  • Startup – Albomkin presentation received funding from venture investors
  1. A studio, providing PowerPoint design services can take on a project from scratch, which most freelancers cannot – come up with a storyline, write content, design, and animate slides. All the work will be done not by a single person, but by a whole team, where everyone is responsible for their part of the work.
  2. Studios show empathy towards the client – they will ask questions if something is not clear, immerse themselves in the business and tasks, offer ideas, and make recommendations.
  3. A studio appreciates its name and reputation, so it will do its best to complete the task on time. To do this, a company is rebuilding internal processes: they implement project management systems and hold feedback sessions and employee training.

In a word, we can say that if you yourself are not sure about the result, it is better to trust professionals and order PowerPoint presentation design services.


Delivering well-made presentations for all fields

As we have already noted, presentations are created for a variety of purposes in a variety of areas, and all of them with their features. They make presentations for:

  • Medicine. Presenting the results of a medical study, reporting on drug trials, information on morbidity, etc. Medical presentations are quite a common task. The solution development in this area requires certain skills, knowledge, and experience, and our specialists are well versed in this issue.
  • Business. The company presentation is one of the key tools of communication, image, and marketing strategy of any business. With its help, a company solves several problems at once: it presents itself profitably to potential customers and partners; builds a positive reputation, and demonstrates its advantages and distinctive features from other competitors in the market.
  • Products and services. Another striking example of marketing presentations is the presentation of a product or service, which is the most important link in the sales chain. It allows you to tell customers about a new product and its benefits, work through possible objections and stimulate demand.
  • Unlike a company presentation, the product itself comes to the fore. Based on this, approximately 80% of the slides will be dedicated to the product, and the remaining 20% to the manufacturing company. One must describe as clearly and completely as possible all the characteristics, principles of operation, features of use, technical parameters, and other aspects that are important for your product.
  • Marketing. They can be printed or electronic, made in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi, contain many tables and graphs, or just pictures. The main thing that unites them in a single group is that the ultimate goal in one way or another is sales.
  • Technical. Technical presentations have certain features. For example, one should not clutter slides, and not put too much text on a slide. Try to keep the text large and easy to read from the far end of the room. If something isn't important enough for your audience to read, then it probably shouldn't be on your slides. Use numbers effectively. Avoid a text-only presentation. Such a presentation misses important opportunities for conveying information. It is also tiresome for the audience. Include diagrams to show how your system works or is put together. Never include general images, such as pictures that are not directly related to your performance.
  • Conference Presentations. Presentations dedicated to conferences will allow you to announce the upcoming event, as well as talk about the event that has already taken place in a report format. The structure and visual design of these presentations do not have strict requirements and can be done in any convenient way. Perhaps the only rule is to provide maximum information that will encourage the target audience to visit the event (if we are talking about the announcement).
  • Pitch Decks. Usually, it is not enough for a startup to find a promising idea and assemble a quality product. Many things depend on the project presentation to investors, known as a pitch session. Most modern pitches are full-fledged performances with presentations in PowerPoint or another convenient program, which is called Pitch Deck (pitch deck). Acquaintance with each person who is interested in your startup will definitely end with a request to send a pitch deck. This is the first step in starting a relationship, and it should be as perfect as possible.

Powerpoint design companies are familiar with the peculiarities of presentations in each area and will help you make exactly the product that you need to achieve your goals.

Creating a story for your business

World-changing stories are no longer the tool of filmmakers. Not a single ambitious professional can do without the skill of storytelling today. There are many examples of successful advertising campaigns tailored according to the laws of storytelling. The most famous are Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, and Google. All of them are based on emotions. Their job is to evoke empathy. These stories show us heroes in whose place it is easy to imagine ourselves: an imperfect family, dreamers, ordinary people rejoicing in simple things. A company must tell the stories for their users, for example, the site with a Stories section filled with video and photo stories of travelers. People want different experiences, and every business should be well aware of this.


Who will do my presentation content and design?

Each project is unique, customers have their own vision of the result and success criteria, but in any case, when ordering a presentation from us, you can be sure that several specialists will work on your project if there is a need for that. In the simplest case, a professional designer will work on your project and will make sure that your materials (text and graphics) are presented in the most convenient, understandable, and attractive form for the reader. However, in some cases, a project requires the help of artists, animators, for example, when you need original art, copywriters, when you need to work on content, or other specialists. In any case, we are ready to involve our own or third-party specialists in the project, if necessary. Professional PowerPoint designers and copywriters will make your presentation look professional.


Light up the essentials with custom presentation design

Custom design is very important for brand presentation as it will help you stand out from your competitors and gain a competitive edge, while standard templates look very unprofessional.

Custom design not only better adapts to the needs of your business, but also offers you the opportunity to integrate your company's corporate identity.

Also, you get new functionality to better promote your main idea, and the standard solution is poorly suitable for this purpose.


Our guarantee to you

Although we practice an individual approach to each client, we still adhere to a well-established work scheme that provides us with a guaranteed result, and most importantly ensures client satisfaction.

Our company is fully responsible for the development of a professional presentation, guarantees the customer 100% copywriting and design quality, and compliance with all the rules put forward for its creation.


Copywriters and designers providing their PowerPoint services to us are high-level specialists who constantly develop, follow trends, attend conferences, master the latest innovations in the field of graphic design

Besides, we sign a contract with each client, which details the obligations of both parties, terms, cost, liability, and other nuances, so that your rights are legally protected.

It is also worth noting that we appreciate our reputation because our business depends on it. The satisfaction of our customers is our main goal.



What are a PowerPoint presentation and its uses?

PowerPoint is a recognized leader in the presentation market, like Xerox in copiers and Pampers in diapers. Their tool is popular, functional, versatile, and well-optimized to run on almost any device. And the scope of their application is practically unlimited: medicine, science, technology, marketing, and business, reporting documentation, etc.

What should a PowerPoint presentation include?

Of course, each specific presentation has its own goals and objectives, so the structure of each document will be different, but in any case, the presentation should have: a title page with the wording of the topic and the name of the speaker, a slide with a table of contents (so that it is immediately clear what will be discussed), table of contents slides for sections, blocks and other logical parts, a slide summary with brief conclusions, and a call to action.


How does PowerPoint help in the business industry?

A successful presentation will allow you to advertise a product, promote a brand, develop a new market, get new customers, raise funds for your project, report to your superiors, and much more.

How does a PowerPoint presentation help in presenting products and services to customers?

Good preparation, which includes studying the target audience, good design with an emphasis on solving user problems, the right emotional message, beautiful graphics, and easy-to-read placement of text and graphics – all this will help to promote a product or service.

How do I make a good PowerPoint presentation for business?

To make the right impression on your partners, clients, and colleagues, you need to not only present the right information, but also place it well, add art, correctly formulate the main idea, and make it all readable. And if you do not have such skills, our specialists will help you get the desired result.


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