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 A Pitch Deck is a representation of business ideas or start-ups. 

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The main objective of each pitch deck is to raise funds for start-ups and get noticed by VCs. Pitch decks presentations are quick, straightforward, and creative. 

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What is a Pitch Deck? Pitch deck design service

A Pitch Deck is a representation of business ideas or start-ups.

A business model is briefly described and shown on slides with pitches. They are usually used by entrepreneurs for the illustration of their ideas. The main objective of each pitch deck is to raise funds for start-ups and get noticed by VCs. Pitch decks presentations are quick, straightforward, and creative.

PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, and other applications are usually used for design and graphics.

Thus pitch deck aims to raise funds, it seems reasonable to ask assistance from pitch deck designer services. Pitch Deck designer services help to form appealing pitch deck presentations. It will be reasonable to invest in quality pitch decks, considering that many start-ups ask for tens of millions of dollars. And million dollars is how a good pitch deck presentation supposes to look.


Assistance in Pitch Decks design services for a variety of business needs

Creating a Pitch Deck can be complicated. However, it can be much easier with the assistance of professional designers and content creators. Our company delivers perfectly presented pitch decks, made by specialists in graphics design and market analytics. We assist in creating beautiful pitch decks across various environments. Our team is working with entrepreneurs and businesses, and designs presentations that get noticed and funded. The specialists have understanding and experience creating successful presentations and constructing pitch decks that aid in leverage.

Pitch Decks and million-dollar ideas

Some successful start-ups managed to raise millions of dollars for their business ideas. Many famous companies used pitch decks to get funds. Some pitch decks are more appealing than another. Research suggests that factors help to outperform competitors. These factors include clarity of content and story, attractive manner of presentation, highlights of competitors and market size, progress gained, professional team, etc.


Storytelling is a key to success. Tell a story

Pitch decks are meant to be vibrant and convincing. To achieve that, many business startups use the power of a story. It appears to be a great marketing technique helping to reach the audience and build emotional connections. Stories are supported by slides and increase the chances of positive responses from investors. Storytelling is an effective method of communication and helps businesses to deliver the message more clearly and entertainingly.

Great Pitch Decks are effective and get funded fast

A great pitch deck supports business ideas and gets funds from investors. To help angel investors make the right decision, the Pitch deck needs to be persuasive. It is advised to look at famous start-ups pitch decks such as Uber or Airbnb to see how their presentations help them to leverage in million-dollar investments.


Create a custom-made Pitch Deck or use a template?

Each business idea is unique, and so is every presentation. Our company offers pitch decks in support of your requirements. We offer fully custom-made slides and pitches to suit every business environment and niche.

Importance of research

It is crucial to conduct research. Research is an essential part of the pitch deck-creating process. It is presumed that a startup company or entrepreneur performs market research at the early stage of creating a business idea. You want your business to be profitable and so do investors. It is crucial to present research containing information about the target market as well as information about competitors. The research is expected to be informative and realistic, contain real numbers and figures. Use slides with infographics to present research materials creatively.


Content matters

Content is a key to a successful pitch deck and it is advised to include slides describing the problem and the solution, differences from competitors, details about traction, and team. Pitch decks that contain a detailed description and show all-sufficient market research look logical and likely to get the attention of venture capitalists. Angel investors know how business works, therefore start-up pitch deck is expected to follow the best practices of business idea presentation. Strong pitch decks contain great ideas and slides with infographics to support these ideas.

Perfect Design

Pitch deck presentations are designed in Prezi, PowerPoint, or Keynote. These applications have built-in tools and templates helping to create effective infographics for slides. Pitch decks need to explain the business idea of a startup and deliver a message to potential investors. Beautiful design with graphics helps to demonstrate expertise and create a well-shaped business model. Pitch decks of many famous startups such as Lyft carpool services include vibrant graphics and colors that helped them to stand out and get funded millions of dollars.


Pitch deck support and professional assistance

It was previously noticed that pitch decks are important, they represent your idea and your company. Not just important but crucial for your business. Investors make up their minds by just having a quick look. Therefore, the presentation's possible outcomes are millions in funds or that your start-up project will never be alive. Our services have financial experts and designers helping create beautiful presentations.

The pitch deck services help your ideas to stand out by assisting in business queries and producing perfect design and infographics. 

The services have financial experts and pitch deck designers helping create beautiful presentations.


How is the work carried out?

Specialists write, compose and design pitch decks for you. Pitch deck services have experience in working with thousands of business projects and provide startups with investor-oriented pitches.

Why us?

We provide professional help and assistance to support creating designer presentations that get the attention of investors. Our Pitch Deck services specialize in developing perfect presentations that help your business prospect. Our experts assist in creating irresistible presentations.



Is it strictly confidential?

Consider that your pitch deck requires development, consultations of specialists, and demonstrations to investors. It is expected to be seen and be forwarded by email to some people. The content of the pitch deck is assumed to be confidential and it is advised to send decks in a format of pdf with a notice ‘company confidential.

What is the price for pitch deck design?

A pitch deck is one of the most important steps towards your company’s success. It can fund millions of dollars. Therefore, it is very reasonable to invest in a nice pitch deck design with appealing fonts and images. Usually, pitch deck re-design cost around $12 per slide. The overall pitch deck design cost depends on the number of slides.


How much does revision cost?

The number of revisions needs to be discussed with your pitch deck designer company. Usually, the design of a pitch deck includes some revisions free of charge.

How long does it take?

Crating a pitch deck can take anything from a few hours to a few months. Professional pitch decks require time for research and design. Successful pitch decks require several revisions. First drafts can be expected soon after the design of a pitch deck is approved.

Can I edit the Pitch Deck myself?

The creation of a successful pitch deck requires consulting and giving constant feedback for project creation. Cooperation with pitch deck design specialists allows to minimize the need for editing and lower the number of revisions.


Is it allowed to give feedback while my project is in development?

Yes. Giving feedback is allowed. Moreover, it is crucial to provide constructive feedback. Clear and detailed feedback makes the process of development faster. Efficient feedback also helps your Pitch Deck to look unique and represent your vision, not someone else’s idea. Remember to be clear and specific in your requirements.

Сan I assist research and creation?

Pitch Deck is a project that represents your start-up or business idea. No one knows your business better. Pitch Deck is an illustration of your idea that demonstrates your vision. Supporting and assisting content creation is strongly advised for entrepreneurs and businesses.


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