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PowerPoint (PPT) and PDF presentations are great marketing tools with a wide range of applications. They can be used in negotiations with partners and investors, meetings with founders and owners, exhibitions, public speaking, meetings.

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A PDF presentation is the most visual way to present a company, its products, and services on the market, but to make the right impression your document must be quite attractive, so if you are not a professional in that matter, the best option is to order a PDF design service.

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What is a PDF presentation used for?

Presentations can be used in advertising, in direct mail, in social networks, as well as for demos on screens in salesrooms and staff training. And this is not a complete list of examples where a presentation can be used.

  1. Materials distributed by e-mail;
  2. Annual reports;
  3. Materials for investors;
  4. Company presentations;
  5. Documents for employment;
  6. etc.

Pdf designers must take into account the specifics of each of these types


Our company presentations services

Knowledge and expertise in crafting visual images and selling texts is our company’s focus. Recognition of the latest trends and marketing analysis is a key to the successful introduction of goods and services for many of our clients including businesses, start-ups, franchise services, and a variety of B2B companies. PTT and PDF formats of presentations are especially good for complex services and niches such as the IT, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Co-operating with big international brands allowing to state that we have a proven record of successful cases and some of our recent achievements include presentations for:

  • Takeda pharmaceutical company(products presentations in 2018 suggested to be a helping hand in company’s products sales increase by 30% in 2017)
  • Bayer, a leading healthcare company(presentation cases, that in 2018 indicated a 15 % in sales increase).
  • Goodgames soft presentation advanced in $ 500k sponsorship
  • Startup – Albomkin presentation received funding from venture investors.

Why order a PDF design from professionals?

  1. Skills, knowledge, and experience allow our specialists to create such professional presentation PDF that will be not only attractive but commercially successful
  2. Not only PDF designers, but the whole team of different specialists will work on your project; they exchange their opinions and views and develop the most interesting and effective solution
  3. Our company is fully responsible for the development process and guarantees a customer 100% copywriting and design quality, as well as compliance with all the rules put forward for its creation
  4. Professional copywriters and designers working for you are high-level specialists who constantly develop, follow trends, attend conferences, master the latest innovations in the field of graphic design.

We offer the full range of outsourcing PDF design services


What are the types of PDF presentations?

According to the displaying method:

  1. User-operated with a mouse;
  2. Self-playing presentation.

According to the presentation format:

  1. PowerPoint Presentations;
  2. PDF Presentations.

According to the way of presenting information:

  1. Static presentations;
  2. Animated presentations;
  3. Multimedia presentations;
  4. Video presentation;
  5. 3D presentations/

According to the purpose of the presentation:

  1. Marketing presentations.
  2. Educational presentations.
  3. Scientific presentations.

Whatever type of presentation you choose, a professional pdf design service is required to get the desired result.


Presentation development process

Here are the main steps of the presentation development process:

  1. Filling out the brief. You fill out the brief, using the online form and we will contact you to discuss all the details and the final result that you expect to get.
  2. Signing up a contract. The contract specifies the terms of performance, cost, payment schedule, and responsibility of all the parties. You make a 50% advance payment and we get to work.
  3. Concept development. After studying the brief, we start developing a concept that will be created based on the first 2 steps.
  4. Coordination. We agree on the concept version with you and make adjustments, if necessary.
  5. Slide layout. We make up the rest of the slides according to the approved concept.
  6. File transfer and payment. After full payment, we prepare all the necessary presentation formats and send them to you. Next, we discuss options for continuing cooperation.

Our advantages

  1. By ordering our PDF service, you get more than one specialist, but a team of copywriters, designers, artists, and others who can provide you with the most attractive and effective solution.
  2. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in this area, We provide all types of outsourcing pdf design services ensuring you the professional result.
  3. We sign up a contract, guaranteeing the responsibilities of both sides.


Why is PDF better than PPT?

Because it does not require any skills, no special software, it can be easily opened and viewed on any device with any OS.

Why is PDF so popular?

Everyone knows this format, it is universal, easy to use, you can be sure that a person for whom it is intended will definitely be able to view your document.


What are the benefits of PDF?

  1. Standardization and popularity;
  2. Format viewer, pre-installed on the device;
  3. Takes up little space on the hard drive, supports many compression algorithms;

What are the disadvantages of PDF?

  1. PDF editor is a prepaid software;
  2. Editing PDF files in specialized programs is more difficult than any other graphic file;
  3. It is difficult to work with text, it is perceived as a picture.

What's special about PDF?

Users can configure security settings for their own file, for example, prohibit printing, prohibit editing, use an electronic signature to determine the authenticity of a document, etc.


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