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Motion design means “animation design” or simply this is the work of creating animated graphics or “live” pictures.

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The motion suggests “movement”, and motion design usually includes 2D and 3D moving objects

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It is an extremely effective tool for creating short, meaningful and spectacular videos. These features are useful in many areas. In advertising, for instance, it is important to pass on the idea briefly and clearly, while keeping the audience interested.

A colourful video with a small amount of text and a bright idea will attract more attention than a static picture, text or audio recording. All  animated images are the result of the work of motion graphics designers; due to their work, a static picture moves and comes alive. Motion graphics uses three valuable channels of information transfer: image, sound and text. When these are perfectly balanced they complement each other.

Areas of implementation of motion design

The demand for motion designers has recently increased since modern technologies appeared and the latest software made it possible to create motions design at home. In the nineties, it was quite difficult to create animation, but current hardware and software features allow to simplify the process of creation.


Now motion design is used in all areas related to the production of content. It allows to express the concept in a short period and can be used in every industry.

Motion design is used:

  • on TV: for titles, series and shows openings- intro and endings- outro, graphics for TV programs.
  • movie and filmmaking industry: titles, screensavers, teasers, trailers.
  • advertising: promo materials, ads on national TV
  • news: informative and entertainment resources
  • business: presentations, reports, infographics, presentation of products and services.
  • education: educational videos and infographics.
  • entertainment industry: videos for games, movies, events, etc.

Advantages of animation graphics

  • animation graphics deliver the message clearly and instantly.
  • in advertising and infographics, speed and clarity are key parameters due to time constraints.
  • reveals complex ideas, and concepts, and systematizes data in a simple and understandable form. This is exactly the case when an image is worth a thousand words. A huge amount of information is placed in a short video, and at the same time, it is easily absorbed by the viewer.
  • easily catches and holds attention. Most users choose video over reading. Animated graphics are attractive to the viewer, and therefore so popular.

What is a motion designer’s job?

Motion is used to transfer ideas into easy to access and understand form. Through the senses of vision, we absorb most of the information. Motion design includes many disciplines united by one thing — movement. If something moves on the screen, it’s a motion design. The benefit of the motions design profession is that designers from different backgrounds can do it. Usually, people with experience in illustration, typography, graphic design, interior design, and architecture turn into motion designers.

To find out what motion designers do it is required to understand that the creation of animation graphics requires various skills, from animation and narrative in the video, and thinking throughout every detail. A motion graphic designer is a specialist who transforms static images into animation, works with layout,  text, and sound design and beautifully combines them in a video.


What do motion designers do?

The working day of a motion graphics designer includes dealing with various tasks including:

  • determine the target audience and content;
  • choose the right composition, and plan creation;
  • create a template version of infographics in the editor, taking into account the psychology of colour;
  • plan the scenario of the storyline, coordinate and bring the idea to life;
  • choose the right technology and methods for implementing a particular project;
  • work out detailed technical tasks;
  • create sketches for approval;
  • work with image layers.

The purpose of the work is to convey the idea and concept of the project to the audience simply, clearly and interestingly with the help of graphic design.

The goals of motion design

A static image is not always able to transfer valuable information to the user. Animated videos do it better and look more interesting. Motion designer “animate” photos and illustrations, and makes static objects such as logos or fonts move. Motion design also includes animated presentations and infographics, advertising stories and trailers. It is used to attract audiences and provide information about the company and its products.  Each video tells a  story that contributes to the business objectives of the company.


What are the skills of a good motion designer?

Motion graphic designers job requires multiple skills and specialists usually expected to:

  • know the basics of graphic design —(colour theory), composition, typography (artistic and text design);
  • understand screenwriting;
  • manage content information: searches, analyzes, uses various resources;
  • be a good team player working with other specialists: illustrators, directors, programmers, etc;
  • know modern trends, but use your own ideas;
  • ability to study and interest in developing skills;
  • know all steps of production;
  • tell a story, create a content;
  • learn fast and adapt to new programs and methods;
  • familiar with all video editors and graphic design programs.

Are specialists in motion design in demand?

Motion  is a relatively new direction and there are not so many specialists. These professionals are in demand and wanted on TV channels, film studios or video production. Average motion designers have multiple skills starting from graphic design and animation to storytelling and directing. A skilled employee can use modern graphic, 3D and video editors, and can be hired for complex projects.

What basic knowledge should a motion designer start from?

To become a professional motion designer firstly requires gaining knowledge of typography, composition, and colour theory.


Typography is the ability to work with printed text layouts. A well-designed text shapes opinions about a company or brand.

The composition helps to organize elements. Composition assumes details complement each other and are perceived as one piece. A  good composition keeps the audience’s attention and suggests watching the video to the end.

Colour theory. The ability to understand colours and their combinations is important; colour touches emotions and can persuade one to purchase a product or service.

Additionally, the knowledge of the basics of screenwriting is a must-have skill for a motion designer Animated graphics always tell a story, and there is always a need for a good narrative.


What programs and tools do motion designers use?

Motion designer uses special programs and apps. These programs allow crafting ideas by creating an alluring and noticeable product.

  • Video processing software:

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro


  • Programs for working with graphics:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Flash

  • Tools for creating and editing three-dimensional graphics and animation:

Autodesk 3ds Max

LightWave 3D

Cinema 4D


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