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Motion graphics services assist in the creation of motion design videos.

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These videos utilize moving elements to create animated stories and were firstly used in films and commercials.

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Motion Graphic Design Service

These days motion graphics is also applied for promotion and marketing purposes. When there is a need to create an engaging story, motion design companies come to help. Our motion graphics agency helps in creating engaging video content that benefits sales and marketing.

Lines and figures

Motion graphics incorporate various elements, the most elements are from geometry or geometrical figures and shapes.

  • a line connecting A and B, a line has both a position and a direction in space.
  • motion, a movement, the action of movement of the object and changing positions.
  • color, a wide spectrum of colors can be found in the color wheel in applications for motion graphics.
  • mass in the context of motion design assumes volume, a solid shape made of simple details such as colors, text, lines consistency, and others.

3D shapes are characterized by volume using dimensions of length, width, and depth.

Additionally shapes contain points, lines, and surfaces.

There are other complex elements such as type, texture, and value. They represent typographical elements, 2D and 3D surfaces, and shadows.


The purpose of motion graphics is the creation of engaging content. It is reasonable to invest in motion graphics to receive videos that will help communicate with your audience and serve well for many years. Consider that motion graphics is versatile and can be repurposed. Nowadays we can get more use of videos. Place the video on the YouTube platform and a variety of social media. Motion graphics can be used in presentations, announcements, ads, video courses, and other promotional materials. Good strategy help to pay off the price of creating motion graphics videos.


Motion graphics communication is significant. The videos using motion graphics communicate a lot in a short amount of time. The time frame between 20 seconds and 2-3 minutes allows for making an impact. Another benefit of short videos with motion graphics is that complicated mechanisms can be explained visually in around 10 seconds. It’s widely used in advertising where many events need to be shown in a short time. Captivating content wins attention, while a long story may lose connection with an audience. A fast narrative may result in a misunderstanding of a story. Consider convenient use of motion graphic design.


What are motion graphics and animations used for?

Motion graphics and animation videos can be used for purposes of communication with the audience. These videos are traditionally used in commercials for advertising goods and services online and on TV. The use of animation is appropriate in promo videos such as case studies, reviews, and presentations of the brand. The other type of videos may include explanations videos- tutorials and product reviews.

Connection through visuals

Motion graphics creates strong visual contact and are used alongside audio, motion graphics make the most impact on people’s ability to accept information. Less content gives more results by being more informative. Some researches show that a 1-minute video can replace around 2000 words of text. Complex processes can be explained in 10 seconds video.


To simplify complicated stuff

Complicated things can be easily explained in a video. With the help of motion graphics, it is easy to create visual communication and present informative content. It is proven that our brain accepts and memorizes information faster. It s when a picture is better than a thousand words. Our brain absorbs visual information nearly instantly. Motion graphics use this fact and suggests visual storytelling. It breaks down complex processes and suggests fast message delivery.


The power of stories is remarkable, and this fact is utilized by motion graphics. It is a powerful storytelling tool. Visual communication is supported by music or voice. Additionally, motion graphics don’t have restrictions, unlike films and other videos it doesn’t require actors or certain background. Animation in motion graphics allows telling a story without the use of actual people or things.


Motion graphics length is averaging 20 seconds to 4 minutes. It is very useful for advertising to make a fast impact and save an advertising budget on TV or social media.


Difference between motion graphics and animation?

Motion graphics and animation have a lot in common and can be used simultaneously. Motion graphics studio uses animation to create the effect of motion and moving parts. The difference between them is often simply not important as they are used alongside each other.

Motion graphics is one of the types of animation, however, motion graphics focus on shapes, text fonts, sizes, etc. while the other types of animation design use animated characters.

Video intro’s for films

Starting back in the 1940s and used in Hollywood for filmmaking, motion graphics design is a widely used tool for creating short videos for the beginning of the movies or serials sequences on a TV. The first motion graphics were brought to life by Neman McLaren, the designer artist, who experimented with cinematography and cinematic techniques, leading further to videos with motion graphics design. Known as a “poet of animation” he showed his visual experiences in a movie called Boogie Doodle, 1941. Another artist Oskar Fischinger started using some elements of animation and motion graphics techniques while working at Disney Studious. These days videos with motion graphics are widely used in TV shows and movies as video intros.


Advertising and marketing

Motion graphics creates strong visual communication, and are widely used to increase brand awareness or sell products. Motion graphics took a start on the TV and these days are used all over the internet. It is a way to represent data by visual images and a way to communicate to your potential customers. Motion graphics videos are used extensively on TV commercials and social media for creating ads, short videos, product reviews, tutorials, educational content, intros for bloggers and channels, etc.

The potential of motion graphics in advertising and marketing products and services is enormous.

Considering that video platforms and social media prioritize video content, this potential is going to increase. Short and informative content, the content that can be easily consumed by the majority of people is now valued and prioritized; and that’s exactly what motion graphics videos are.


With the development of technologies and camera qualities in phones, all social media channels are now strongly focused on visuals. Video content is admired and promoted within the social media environment. Videos are highly appropriated by users and search engines including the search engines within the social media platforms are boosting the visibility of posts with video content.

Motion graphics essentially fits in the social trends, supporting advertising and marketing techniques. Motion graphics videos bring traffic organically and without overspending on advertising, it may be reasonable to invest your money in a great video, then pay later for advertising of content, which is simply less appealing.

The latest advancements in software and hardware, suggest that motion graphics and animation are the future of marketing and advertising. To create high-quality marketing videos use a designer or motion graphics agency.


What are the advantages of using motion graphics in content marketing?

Motion graphics advantages in creating unique and unforgettable content, and it is a reason why videos with motion graphics are used for TV commercials and online. The benefit of using in content and marketing is direct visual contact with an audience. Visual effects help present information according to your aims and targets. Motion graphics suggests purposeful implementation making it advantageous for content marketing.

Entertaining and enjoyable content

Make sure your content is new and original. People are not likely to appreciate content and ideas copied from someone else. Original and creative content has all chances to become viral. Keep in mind that very long videos and boring content may lose your audience’s attention. Always keep the audience focused and add some elements of surprise or amusement.

Content is priority

Great content is fresh content with new ideas or new delivery of ideas. Content copied or adapted from someone else is not likely to become adamant. Over time motion graphics and animation techniques advanced, allowing you to create unique content.


Unforgettable content

Efficient use of motion graphics, music, and voice-over helps create an impact on viewers. Think about the purpose and target audience. Use content that touches your target audience for creating an emotional connection and engaging experience.


Motion graphics is well known for its versatility. The field of implementation is vast and include a variety of sales and marketing content, TV and commercial, movies and filmmaking, training, and educational videos. Videos using motion graphics design are used by entrepreneurs, bloggers, businesses and startups, educational, financial, government sectors, and others. The other aspect of versatility is that motion graphics can and need to be repurposed. There is no need in creating a variety of content for every social media platform. It is a good practice to repurpose motion graphics video content, so it can be seen by more people. Nearly all social networks now have options for displaying video, this is a great use for videos with motion graphics, it can be used everywhere. It is also creative to use bits and pieces of your video content with motion graphics for short ads, video courses, photos, etc.



What is motion graphic design?

Motion graphic design is a type of graphic design that uses animation and visual effects, that are used in movie or video production. Commonly motion graphics is used at the beginning of tv shows, programs, or films. Some of the first motion graphics design elements were used in the movie Boogie Doodle, 1941. From around 1950 and onwards, some of the innovations of motion graphics appeared in Hollywood films by Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, and Martin Scorsese. Since those days motion graphics used in a variety of TV series, for openings to TV shows and movies. An example of using motion graphics is the begging of the ‘Games of Thrones’ series. Not only it is on TV shows and in the filmmaking industry, but motion graphics have also since relocated to the internet and now are used on all social media platforms.

The motion design industry advances design to its full potential, bringing visual experiences to another level. It continues to develop alongside trends and technologies. The creation of motion graphics is now utilized innovative software and the creation of these videos is available with a designer or even a motion graphics studio.


What is the difference between graphic design and motion graphics?

The main difference between graphic design and motion graphics is the use of animation. Motion graphics as it is suggested by the name use moving elements. Motion graphics are used in movie opening sequences, tv shows, and commercials. Graphic design doesn’t use animation, instead, it has still images. The other significant difference is the implementation in different areas. Digital graphics are used in design and typography to create posters, promotional materials, printing, etc. Take movement away from motion graphics and it becomes graphic design.

How to use motion graphics in content marketing?

Many know that content is a king. It is that many industries become competitive and it is important to get attention and clicks. New and quality content is supported by search engines and social media mechanisms. Only quality and original content rise and result in millions of views. The use of visual content is increasing and motion graphic services become convenient.


What are the different types of animation?

Some sources suggest there are over 30 types of animation, the others claim it is only 10 types. Maybe you already know some of them, just in n case here is a list:

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D animation
  • Typography Animation
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Rotoscope Animation
  • Claymation, Motion Capture
  • Mechanical Animation, etc.

What is animation design?

Animated design is used in videos for the TV and filmmaking industry, advertising, tutorials, educational videos, and others. The area of implementation is broad due to the ability of animation to engage viewers creatively. Visual connection allowing not only to make an impact but is a great way for explanation and demonstration. It is important to choose a motion graphics company to implement the right style and follow the all-important steps in creating animation design videos.

Which software is used for motion graphics?

A variety of software is available for motion designs, the most popular are Effects and Apple Motion. These tools are simplifying content layering and help to add 3D effects for movements. However, the subscription price is a downside of all motion graphics software, and it is reasonable to consider the services of motion graphic company to avoid costly subscriptions.

How do you create motion graphics?

Firstly, a vision is required to create a script to tell a story. This essential part saves time and expenses for your projects. If your vision changes in process of making, lots of work will need to be re-done. It is therefore recommended to start with a vision and storyboard. Design and production team members may include a creative director, producer, scriptwriter, and designer.


These steps are suggested to be considered for motion graphic creation with a team that members from your design and production team.

  • script that tells a story. After the story is created it turns into a script, and although some motion graphics videos last under one minute, the script is needed to show the story direction. The story will be more appealing if it understands the audience and the message sent to the audience. The script supposes to be clear and simple.
  • storyboard. After the script is complete, it is then visualized on the storyboard. This stage includes putting together script and visuals, and leads to the shaping of the project; the script slowly comes to life.
  • storyboard turns into the design. At this stage the storyboard with sketches is complete and Interpreted into the design. Details are important, and everything from this stage is used for the final design.
  • animation of final designs. At this stage, all project is brought over together. After all the previous stages are complete, the final stage of animation is then appointed.

Why are motion graphics so expensive?

The majority of expenses are associated with paying for the work of specialists. Motion graphics company uses a team of professionals for motion graphics creation. This team usually consists of a creative director, a scriptwriter, a producer, and a storyboard sketch artist. The design of a motion graphic is a time-consuming process, that includes a few stages. Although many powerful programs are helping in animation nearly all job is performed manually.

The other type of expense is associated with software and hardware equipment. Animated figures require the use of photoshop and software for animation. The subscriptions and programs and powerful processors, graphic cards, are costly and considered to some extent to form the pricing.


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