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Mobile apps for pharma can solve problems allowing to perform multiple tasks for pharmaceutical businesses.

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It’s a primary tool for automation of the sales process, remote monitoring of employees, effective work with medical representatives and product presentations.

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Our medical app development services offer business solutions for the healthcare environment.

Expertise in a pharmaceutical niche and advanced technologies help to create solutions for pharma businesses, doctors and patients to assist well-being and the healthcare environment.

We aim to support innovation and help companies to reach their objectives. Pharma mobile apps allow to win the market over and advance in successful product presentations. These applications have various purposes and provide pharmaceutical businesses with original tools. Leader in the mobile medical app development , our company worked with worlds famous pharmaceutical and healthcare brands.


Pharma mobile apps development

A mobile application is a tool developed to meet the company’s goals. It is worth taking a knowledgeable approach to creating this tool. Do not perceive the mobile app as a new sales channel or an instant sales promotion tool. It is necessary to plan costs not only for the development but also for the introduction of mobile applications into the company’s processes.

How to create a medical app?

Mobile medical applications are made to simplify, speed up and automate processes in the company. Therefore, to create a medical app, start with an understanding of the company’s objectives.


Generally, medical apps feel necessity for:

  • ready solutions to meet business needs and reduce development costs. Mobile solutions for sales representatives, agents, applications, etc. – all these tools already exist and perform well.
  • ifany of the systems (ERP, CRM) are used, contact the developer. Usually, they have mobile solutions if improvements are required
  • ifnone of the above is convenient use services create app for medical purposes and look for a company to do it from scratch

Pharma mobile app for various complex tasks

Some business-specific tasks undermine complex approaches and apps may help with the creation of a performance list. It may be a checklist for audit, file uploading and sharing options (analyses, X-rays), built-in options for call or contact via an application and other functional advances.


Interactive information about medicines

For company representatives, the mobile app will replace brochures and leaflets. It will have a built-in informative knowledge base with search by product name and enter barcode options. Product description and full description of drug usage, instructions and contradictions, unusual reactions, the form of production, country of origin, etc. With information updated regularly, it’s an advanced way of medical products presentation. Additional details about the drugs may be added allowing make the pharma mobile app helpful for doctors and specialists treating patients.

Pharma mobile app for sales and management

Pharma mobile application can be used as a mechanism for improving services. A sales representative can submit reports that go directly to an operator and can be processed by the warehouse.


Clients’ profiles may consider personal discounts, promotions for some groups and types of products.

Mobile app for pharma authorizing for the presentation of the sales plan, performance indicators and statistics of meetings, and managing other aspects like:

  • customermanagement: payment control, shipping goods, databases. If the representative changes, the data and communications history are transferred to a new specialist
  • generating Essential for the local representatives with no office and communications carried out in the online mode
  • workwith feedback from customers and distributors
  • accounting system allows sales representatives to see products and inventories in warehouses.

This approach allows seeing the basic effectiveness of sales representatives and performing accurate analytics. The changeover from paperwork to applications brings considerable advantages resulting in higher performance levels.

Pharma app for medical purposes

Mobile application as a tool for building consistent ways of connection with doctors and business partners.

The mobile app helps to work closely with medical facilities and partners advancing in:

  • a support tool for doctors and business partners. In addition to product display, it gives features of asking a question or leaving an inquiry.
  • notifications and promotions, company news, new drugs announcements, etc.
  • surveys tool helping to receive customer feedback.

Pharma mobile app for pharma representatives and employees

Companies that work with employees remotely should pay attention to pharma mobile apps.

Many managers need tools allowing to increase control of employees and improve their performance. Now there is such a tool – mobile apps for pharmaceutical companies.


Companies have an option of identifying locations to guide the activity of medical representatives. Apps for pharma allowing:

  • tracking of movement and records of activity of employees
  • real-time monitoring lets managers know where each specialist is
  • keep track of visits for medical representatives

Pharma mobile apps for integrity

Mobile applications solve the business problems of a particular company. Integration into the existing sales and service system is suggested.

Mobile application development requires the ability to integrate with existing accounting systems(e.g CRM, ERP, etc.) the warehouse is already working with, logistics and sales. The task is to accommodate applications into the system without new operational issues.

Data from mobile applications go into databases and synchronization may be required to work with the existing system and meet the requests of mobile apps.



How can the pharma mobile app help medical representatives?

The abilities of the mobile apps pharmaceutical industry are vast. In case of medical representatives need to visit several doctors and pharmacy outlets, the application can adjust the route with a list of places to visit. At the same time, client profiles and details are always available to employees through the app. Mobile app for pharma authorizes for:

  • an employee to have a planned speech suggesting special offers and promotions
  • reportdelivery option with summary for each contact. A company representative can submit details of deals to the head office. These can be a questionnaire or a text message.
  • videoor photo sending options ensure correct display, marketing and sales of medicines. This approach is valuable for the analysis of retail outlets.

How much do medical apps cost?

In addition to the cost of developing or buying a ready-made solution, you will have to lay a budget for maintenance. In the process, there will be requests from employees and customers regarding improvements and they need to be considered. With the increase in the data collected, the cost of renting hosting or servers may increase. Especially if multimedia content (photos, videos) will be used.

In case of placing applications in Google Play or AppStore stores, you will need to make an annual payment. To promote the application to the mass market a marketing budget is required.


Which developer platform to choose?

Two mobile operating systems dominate the market: Android and iOS. If you plan to issue phones and tablets together with applications, then start from the cost of equipment (Android devices are cheaper than iOS analogues). If mobile applications will be installed on personal phones, then analyze which phones are used more.

Do I need to register the app in the app stores?

If the applications are designed for internal use in the company, then registration in the app stores is not required (applies to Google Play). If you expect to work with the end consumer or create applications for iOS, then you will have to work with stores.


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