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Medical video production is not new to the medical scene. The healthcare industry is constantly developing and has always been a place for innovative technology.

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Video animation and video production are in high demand in the healthcare environment. 

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Why Healthcare Videos

The video format is often a preferred way of communication when it comes to the medical environment. Healthcare videos perfectly suit the needs of the industry. These videos can educate the public by explaining the medical processes and procedures easily. Videos help to send a message and reach the audience by making a much bigger impact on the viewer. Medical video productions are important for society as they are often used to raise awareness or educate the public often giving health and safety information and instructions. Healthcare videos concerning Covid-19 facts were shown in many countries worldwide and this helped to deliver the message to a wider audience.

Healthcare Video Production for Business

Healthcare video production is often used by medical companies to promote their services. The healthcare industry is advanced in offering a range of medical services. Healthcare videos help to understand the nature of the procedure and can be shown to abroad range of patients. These videos can advertise services and can be used as TV commercials or the medical facilities website. This helps to attract more clients towards using healthcare products and services and serves business promotion.


Medical Process Explainer Videos

Medical videos are important for educational purposes. They can show how certain procedures are carried out or how medical devices work. These videos are informative and entertaining, therefore are widely used in educating medical students and hospitals staff. 

Medical and surgical procedure videos

Medical and surgical procedure videos are often very unpleasant to watch, and this video certainly doesn’t meet either ethical or moral criteria. However, medical procedures created using computer graphics are agreeable and can be used for professional education to demonstrate to students how the surgery is performed. These videos recreate the process and demonstrate surgical scenarios accurately. Animated medical videos can be used for training purposes for students of medical institutions. 


Healthcare Video Marketing

Healthcare video marketing is actively used for marketing purposes and helps medical companies with presentations of medical equipment or services they offer. Healthcare videos allow us to present the processes such as medical procedures or effect of medication. This helps in marketing healthcare products. 

Live Action or Animation?

Live action and animated videos are used by many industries. Life action videos look more personal and suggest sympathy. They are usually used to show how different products or services work. For healthcare needs both types of animation are used, however many medical procedures and processes can only be presented using animation. These are procedures or mechanisms of action of the medication. They involve actions happening on a cellular or molecular level and can not be represented by live animation. 

Our Medical Video Process

The aim of medical videos is to create videos that explain complicated medical information to the patients using the format of video. Medical video is aimed to use accessible language and help communication between doctors and patients. The medical video production process is supposed to identify the objectives and aims of the video to achieve the desired effect on the audience. 



What is medical video production?

Medical video production is a process of using computer graphics, 2D and 3D animation for creating a medical video. Medical video production aims to create animated videos for the healthcare industry. These videos can recreate medical procedures like surgery or describe processes occurring in the human body. They are also used by pharmaceutical companies to show the mechanism of action of the medication. These videos are created by a team of specialists including medical professionals and graphic design specialists. Medical video production aims to create animated videos for healthcare. 

How much will it cost to produce my video?

Creating animation is a complex process. This process is similar to the process of creating animation for cartoons and movies. It is suggested to use the services of medical animation studios, that specialize in creating such videos. Medical animation companies usually provide a team of experienced professionals for these purposes. Now, talking about the price it can cost anything from a couple of thousands to couple hundreds of thousands of dollars. The prices depend on the complexity of medical animation video and factors like type, duration of video, details, and others. 


Where do you generally license your music?

Licensing music is essential for medical animation videos. It helps to avoid problems with copyright and 

secures the rights of video to be played on websites, commercial advertising, medical and educational facilities. Usually, animation studios use special companies for licensing music as Universal Production Music. 

How can medical video increase traffic to my website?

Videos are shown in the Google search results and can attract audience attention immediately. This helps drive traffic to the website. Another way is displaying medical videos on popular video hosting or social media pages for your business. From social media platforms, users are directed to your website via links. 


How do I distribute video?

Video can be distributed through all the available channels like TV, video streaming channels, social media, mobile applications, websites, and other ways. 

How long does it take to create a video?

The process of creating a medical animation is complex, it requires many hours of work and a team of professionals. The process itself involves stages pre-production, production, and post-production. The simple videos are created in under a week's time. However complex videos with 3D animations can take up to 9 months to produce. The time of production hugely depends on factors like the complexity and longevity of the medical animation video.


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