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Medical animation studios produce animated interactive videos, utilizing 2D and 3D graphics, in support of the healthcare environment.

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Pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals can use these videos for simulation of mechanisms in the body, surgical procedures, or drug performance processes. Medical animation studio uses innovative computer animation for creating short informative or educational videos.

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About our work

There is nothing better for brand awareness than using 3D animated videos for marketing and advertising. ‘Digital SP’ Creating engaging and educational content to keep the audience focused and entertained at the same time. The company develops IT products and web design projects for over 10 years and conducts the production of:

  • animated production and web design
  • applications and web development(B2B), SMM, SEO
  • interactive presentations for business and pitch deck presentations
  • content supporting commercial offers
  • applications and software development for IOS, Android, desktop
  • online and offline events and webinars
  • animation, design, and promotional materials
  • infographics, modeling (for the human body, organs, microcirculation, etc.)

‘Digital SP’ established its business positions in European and American markets by working with companies like Coca-Cola, Adidas, MTV, Thompson, Alcon, Telefonica, Reuters, Takeda, Bayer, etc.

 The company has unique experience working with pharmaceutical companies and has unique expertise in platforms CRM (RainMaker, Agnitio, SalesForce, CRM Dynamics, etc.). Years of experience in the pharmaceutical niche advanced in using modern methods and techniques and design of over 500 presentations and over 1000 projects for the medical environment. The company is recognized as medical animation company in the healthcare market as it holds a strong focus on medical products and the pharmaceutical industry.  

Experienced in all types of Medicine

Our company is oriented towards the medical environment and understands the trends in the pharmaceutical market. ‘Digital SP’ has vast experience working with many international brands and supports scenarios for all types of healthcare products and pharmaceutical ranges.  


Production process   

Usually, the process of creating animation is compound and consists of pre-production (story creation, story editing, visual development, pre-visualization), production (modelling, surfacing, rigging, layout, set dressing, character animations, animation preparation, FX, lighting, matte painting, simulation, technical direction, etc.), post-production(compositing, music and sound production, colour grading, editing, etc).  

Why us

  • A team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals
  • Vast experience in IT products development  
  • Innovative technological solutions, that demonstrated efficiency and were endorsed by famous brands  
  • Variety of business collaboration scenarios depending on clients needs

‘Digital SP’ high standards of animation production and fine knowledge of the pharmaceutical market, developed in expertise in making medical animation videos. The company has over 6 years of experience in developing IT products for the healthcare environment and is capable to create scientific medical animation videos of any complexity level for any medical product category.  

Talented Professionals

Speaking of our team it is important to note the high professionalism of our staff. We have specialists to support all stages of project execution including artists, animators, IT developers, and professionals with extensive knowledge of medical processes and scenarios. The team is specifically trained to deliver convenience and can offer efficient and cost-saving project solutions.  

Diverse Experience

Our company creates visual animation and produces content considering a variety of ethnic backgrounds and diversity.  


Unparalleled Visualization  

Experiences with computer graphics are better than ever. Impressive visual effects support the creation of completely engaging videos that are easy to understand and pleasant to the eye. 'Digital SP' holds leading positions in the IT industry and production of animations of all types, including medical animation.

Fully Custom Solutions  

 'Digital SP' understands the needs of the medical industry and offers customized solutions to achieve the desired results. The company practice using ‘behavioural science’ for designing attractive and efficient presentations. Our tendency towards employing SEO and artificial intelligence takes clients projects up to the next level.

Quality & Accuracy

‘Digital SP’ is aware of trends in the pharmaceutical enterprise and fully committed to legal compliance policies followed by the EU and USA. We have a close relationship with pharmaceutical companies and are competent to conduct our market research for maximum efficiency and data accuracy.  



How long does it take to produce an animation?

It usually depends on the aspects such as the design, the complexity of details, and the length of the video.  On average medical animation companies complete simple animated videos in under 1 week.  

How is pricing determined?

Our policy is based on the results of TM modelling and the complexity of the video. The major factors determining price are the type of video, style and duration of the video. After determining these factors it is reasonable to give an estimated price.


How do you determine the length of an animation?

Animation length is determined by the objective of the video. For instance, for marketing purposes of videos describing the mechanism of drugs actions a time frame of 60 to 120 seconds is considered optimal.

What is the average animation duration?

The guidelines for the animated videos recommend not to exceed 3-4 minutes to keep viewers involved interested. In the case of the complex subject, it is recommended to divide the video into separate chapters. Nevertheless, some studies suggest that shorter videos of 60 to 90 seconds are considered more efficient to hold the attention of the audience.

How are your animations used?

Animation videos are widely used for marketing purposes and product promotion in interactive presentations, for example, to demonstrate mechanisms of action of medicines. These animations are considered to be efficient for presenting products, therefore are often used in support of business proposals and presentations.


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