Graphic design services

Graphic design is the best way to communicate through visual elements of design like text, fonts, photos, and illustrations.

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When companies want to share their ideas with the audience, they need a visual language of graphic design. It is the process of communication with people allowing them to explain new concepts.

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Graphic design services

Graphic design services help to bring to life ideas and promote businesses via utilizing visual elements and creating beautiful and appealing products. The implementation of creative graphic design services allows use for multiple purposes. It can be physical objects such as books, magazines, souvenirs, illustrations, packaging and labels; as well as online designs like user interfaces(UI) for PC and mobile devices, websites and applications, infographics, motion and 3D design. The other common way of implementing custom graphic design services is the creation of logos for companies, brand design, advertising and marketing design.


Graphic designs by our company

The graphic design suggests many areas of implementation. Being an experienced graphic design services company, we work with the most types of graphic design available on the market, offering services in:

  • Logo for businesses, advertising and creative design.
  • Graphic design online, the user interface for applications, desktop applications and website design
  • Graphic design and branding services
  • Social media advertising and marketing design
  • UI & UX design services
  • Visual graphic design for businesses and logos
  • Infographics, 3D design & animation production
  • Eco-graphic design, coffee shop, bar club, restaurant setting design
  • Illustrated and artistic graphic design, video games, comics.

Goals and objectives of graphic design

The goal of graphic design is to make a product or information memorable to the consumer.

It is used to sell products through visual images, keep customers engaged and create a comfortable environment. Graphic design is a tool assisting in the visualization of ideas and its objective is to deliver information aesthetically. Fonts, colours and shapes as well as motion and 3D animation are used to create pleasant consumer designs.

Basic elements of graphic design

The basic elements of graphic design are lines, colours, fonts, sizes, shades, texture, etc. By utilising these characters and certain principles, graphic designers create excellent layouts. Fundamental rules of contrast, shades, balance, motion, and composition are used to create something impressive.


Illustrations in graphic design

Initially, graphics and illustration are two different niches. But some specialists possess skills for both. They create unique works that help the business to outperform competitors.

Examples of using illustrations are used are book covers, albums, and catalogues; graphics in graphic design; 3D and motion design.

Graphic design services for small business

There is a belief that good design is extremely expensive, and small businesses can never afford it. Big companies like Google or McDonald’s can spend millions of dollars on their graphic design business services. Thus, many small companies invest in graphic design to get recognition for their brand. Graphic design services for small business is as relevant as it is for big enterprises. Graphic design these days is an investment that pays off by helping small businesses to boost visibility and generate revenue.


Difference between graphic and web design

The essence of web design is the design of websites. Graphic design can be applied in for creating corporate identity and advertising, developing user interfaces, drawing illustrations, designing publishing products, motion design, and creating an environment.

Graphic design for ads and promotions on the Internet

To keep customers informed about recent discounts, promotions and company news, companies use graphic design for creating bright posts, ads and beautiful layouts. To keep users engaged and interested, designers create stunning graphics, illustrations, and 3D and motion designs.


UI design benefits

One of the latest designs, user interface design represents is a graphics and layout of the interfaces of applications, websites and games, etc. creation of UI design requires a detailed study of all the elements — menus, pictures, fonts, styles, colour palettes, and others. UI designers are required to have basic knowledge of web development to ensure correct work and adaptability to consumer needs.

Graphic design for companies objectives

Today, businesses are extremely competitive and utilize graphic design qualities to look more attractive and unforgettable. Design surrounds us, daily we see thousands of designs of all shapes and kinds. Depending on the way how designs are carried out and interact with an audience, it can provide educational, informative and entertaining functions. Every business realises the value of graphic design for brand performance. Accurate delivery of brand message advances in company recognition and reception by consumers.


Advertising and graphic design

Graphic design is used in both online and offline advertising. The very common way of use is making banners for commercials, postcards and flyers, and infographics for books and magazines.

Online designs used for social media, websites, games, applications, etc. Ads attract consumers with bright ideas and create trends in visual communication. Now trends change towards eco-design, minimalism, 3D motion, etc.

Graphic design for brand identity

Graphic design not only creates a visual image but allows brand development and corporate identity.  A variety of details help in creating the style of the company. It starts with visual perception such as  corporate logos, colours and fonts, themes, merchandise, uniforms, etc. and turns into creating an entire concept. A variety of elements deliver the message and create a special connection with an audience.  Beautiful and remarkable designs support building a brand identity.


Graphic design for the environment and eco-design

Eco-design helps to create beautiful spaces for small places like coffee shops or huge spaces like airports or stations. Graphic design of the environment includes designing the entire concept with signs, illustrations, walls and spaces of the eco-system.

Graphic design for packaging

Packaging is needed for storage and description of the product. Colourful and convenient packaging helps to attract attention and convince a consumer to make a purchase. Paper packaging, boxes, and wrappers for products are part of the marketing and branding strategy. Graphic design assists in using company fonts and colours and choosing pictures, fonts and elements to support brand identity.


Graphic design services for marketing

Grow your business with amazing marketing graphic design services offered by professionals. The brand forms the relationship between the business and its customers. Logos, website and marketing design are the best examples of branding design advancing in the promotion of every business.

Professional graphic design services for company logo

The logo is the main element of corporate identity. The logo transfers to the audience as a company character and concept that is easy to recognize. The effectiveness of the identity and the success of the company depends on the quality of logo development. Graphic design services pricing is affordable and businesses can find out prices for logo creation with the help of graphic design consulting services.


Graphic design software

Convenient and generally affordable software used by graphic designers includes applications: Creative Cloud Applications for Graphic Design, Illustrator( great for creating vector graphics and illustrations on PC and iPad), InDesign, a range of Adobe software( Photoshop, Adobe Fresco, Photoshop Express, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Stock), etc.


What service do graphic designers provide?

Graphic designers offer various services that usually include, but are not limited to – brand and marketing design – logo design for brand development, marketing and promotion, corporate identity; illustration for any needs from books and comics to video games and cartoons creation, 3D and motion design; printing layouts- poster, leaflet, banners and signs, magazines; web design – website and application creation.

What can a graphic designer do for my business?

A graphic designer can assist in the selling of an idea or a product by making it commercially successful and stand out on the market, memorable and understandable to the consumers.  The trends in the industry are changing fast, and designers need to be able to multitask. Professional designers always learn new skills and quickly adjust to a variety of work.


What are the 7 types of graphic design?

According to some sources, there are over 30 types of graphic design, but recently most popular designs are:

  • Graphic design in visual brand identification
  • Advertising graphics
  • Graphic design of user interfaces (UI)
  • Graphic design of publications
  • Graphic motion design
  • Graphic design of the environment
  • Art and illustrations in graphic design

What are 5 things graphic designers do?

The professional skills of graphic designers usually cover

  • Creating layouts of graphic design
  • Design of artistic visual image
  • Practical typography and general composition
  • Graphic design production cycle from concept to distribution
  • Development of projects in digital

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