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Closed-loop marketing is one of the directions in marketing, based on a close communication system between the company and the client.

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Why it Works

The main goal of closed-loop marketing is to increase the quantity and quality of sales based on previously obtained data from the target audience.

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It Works!

The method of closed-loop marketing involves a series of actions, a cycle reminding a loop. The data originally obtained from clients, get analysed and processed for further use in upcoming marketing campaigns. The loop is then closed and the cycle can repeat over and over again. Connection and constant contact with consumers is a key points of the technique. It allows to track and trace all opportunities and leads and see which channel brings more efficiency and the best return on investment.

Campaigns are running on multiple channels via websites, blogs, e-mail, social media, etc.

Closed-loop marketing presumes collaboration of sales and marketing activities of the company and identifies which marketing activities drive sales most efficiently. Closed-loop marketing process allows collaborative effects of data and insights and marketing campaigns to be implemented in future marketing activities. It reveals which campaigns and leads bring more ROI.

The process usually involves the coordinated work of the sales and marketing departments of a company to ensure that leads, sales and consumers’ insights and data are accurately submitted. The value and importance of the closed-loop method are in the identification of methods that contribute to the revenue the most. Consumer insights received via CLM also show behaviour patterns of prospects, leads and consumers and assist businesses in choosing a more compelling marketing approach.


What is closed-loop marketing?

Closed-loop marketing is a process of using data and analytical information for further implementation in marketing purposes. Closed-loop marketing involves gathering analytics and insights to decide on which channel and campaign give more ROI and therefore more profitable. It reminds a ‘loop’. When the loop is closed the cycle is complete. Closed-loop marketing is advantageous for businesses. It signifies where the leads and customers come from allowing to track conversion rates. The CLM method is automatic and uses CRM and special software for tracking and tracing activities.

Why closed-loop marketing?

Why the closed-loop marketing method is beneficial for businesses because it helps to generate revenue and connect marketing and sales departments.


Data gathering and insights are essential for a company’s marketing campaigns effectiveness, additionally CLM’s advantages in:

  • cutting down the coats of leads
  • boost conversion
  • lessen marketing expenses
  • efficiency in lead management
  • speed up sales
  • rise of consumer loyalty and ROI
  • accuracy of data

When CLM has used everybody wins, the businesses get valuable insights and turn it into revenue; meanwhile consumers by giving feedback assist in better customer service.


The advantage of this method for customers is that they receive a more personalized approach. Data received at different ages allows to provide efficient services. At the same time, companies get essential feed and know which service to provide. Close-loop marketing works as a cycle and when the loop is closed company has information about the contribution of each channel and shows the most profitable. This helps in the future decision-making process and increases revenue. Overall, CLM allowing not only to make knowledge decisions after each round of the campaign but to figure out the future strategy for the business. It is a dialogue with the customer resulting in consistent awareness and a mechanism of s long term efficiency.

Closed-loop marketing in pharma

Pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions and millions of dollars on the marketing and promotion of drugs and products every year. The marketing approach helps to plan the range of advertising activities and coordinate the budget for promotion with the real-time indicators of the company.


Due to the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical business, pharma companies are beginning to develop new sales channels, product promotion and communication with potential consumers.

Marketing tasks of pharmaceutical enterprises are considered to be a priority process.

It is necessary to understand how effectively both traditional and new promotion channels are used. Closed loop marketing pharma used to evaluate the results of all communications with partners and consumers and constantly monitor the dynamics of sales through distributors and pharmacy chains.

Start closing the marketing/sales loop

To Get started with the method of closed-loop marketing it is required to get a team of marketing and sales specialists and quality software. For the maximum return on investment, it is necessary to implement a kind of “marketing ecosystem”. To get the most out of it, it is worth automating the promotion at each level using IT tools.


In practice, many businesses seem to have struggled with this stage. The statistics obtained by the marketing department need to be quickly received by the sales specialist. It will assist in offering a relevant product or service to a potential client. CLM includes collective efforts of marketing and sales specialists and convenient software. Close monitoring is required to identify the best performing marketing channels bringing more ROI and discovery of trends.

The final closing sales loop stage – is turning leads into customers. After the sales team works correctly with the website visitors, they make purchases and orders and become customers. This sales cycle is complete, it is now important to keep the trust of these consumers.


Closed-loop marketing is based on feedback and data. Collaboration of departments and teamwork assume:

  • management support;
  • effective communication between departments
  • the right metrics for each marketing campaign and action
  • automation in obtaining feedback
  • support for multi-channel marketing(e-mail list, referral links, social media, marketing campaigns, organic traffic, search engines query, referral links from website and other traffic sources)
  • matching strategy and operations of the sales and marketing specialists


What does CLM stand for in pharma?

CLM pharma stands for the process of collecting a feed from the target audience for further studying and analyzing this data by healthcare professionals. This approach includes understanding the needs of potential consumers for better connections and delivering quality services in the pharma industry. A pharma company studies trends and behaviours of their audience for a later collaboration with pharma stakeholders and medical professionals. CLM medical in pharma allows a better understanding of consumers and results in improved services.

What is a closed-loop marketing process?

closed-loop feedback marketing can visualize a sales in 4 stages :

Stage 1:

Traffic generation. At this stage, the marketing campaigns work to increase the amount of traffic on the website. They actively use SEO, copywriting, paid advertising, social networks and other tools to attract an audience and bring people to a website.


Stage 2:

The visitors appear on a website and cookies start working. Cookies are implemented to start the collection of information. They allow to track where the traffic comes from and create a portent of potential customers, e.g. see the location, age, gender, time of visit, etc; Built-in Google applications allow to see where leads arriving from, for example, which social media platforms or websites they referred from. Users click on the advertisement, come from referral links of other web resources or come to a website through the search engines and queries. Visitors usually search for various topics online.

The behaviours can be tracked, based on user information and behaviour patterns captured based on the pages they visit and the time spend on each page, etc. Intelligent software advances in accuracy and optimization of the process, showing details like the number of sales and user to customer conversion rates. Thus key parameters may be obtained via Google analytics tools.

The complicated not here is the connection of all the user information: the referral link, the behaviours pattern and other data for forming a complete picture of a potential customer. Advanced analytics used in premium software allows for capturing all the details and traffic activities.


Stage 3:

Visitors are turning into leads. After filling out contact forms on the website, adding subscriptions to newsletters and company news, leaving comments, and submitting their personal and contact information. Many visitors may already know your company or products but never made a purchase.

The essential way of closing the loop is the ability to keep visitors coming back to the website and ensure entry from the main page. A customer contact form allows to get all the last pieces of information and create leads mailing list and database.

Stage 4 :

Leads become customers and insights of customer acquisition are captured.  Information from visitors(data, insights) is saved in the CRM system, and the original recourses for marketing, referral links and social media – are acknowledged and approved for further marketing campaigns.

Information from the site is transformed into customer cards in the selected database. At this stage, sales managers start working with leads. The sales team works with leads to encourage purchases and orders, turning them into regular customers.


What is the full form of CLM?

CLM full form in pharma – is a closed-loop marketing implementation in the pharmaceutical industry. It was originally defined as a comprehensive marketing approach that combines marketing and sales data allowing to estimate the specific ROI of each marketing campaign or initiative separately

CLM in pharma allows marketing and sales to work together in a data-driven manner, providing reliable results and constant improvement in campaign performance.


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