3D Medical Animation

3D medical animation is a visual simulation of processes referring to anatomical and physiological processes in the human body.

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These medical 3D animations are usually used in healthcare for education, staff training, simulation purposes, etc. 3D medical animations create associations and help to accept and memorize information faster. Animated videos are used in all areas of healthcare and can be used in the educational process for teaching students and staff or explaining the treatment plan to patients.

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It is a convenient way of explaining mechanisms that are invisible and occur within the molecular and cellular levels or simulating processes that cannot be shown for ethical reasons, such as surgical procedures.

Besides the educational needs, medical companies and facilities use 3D medical animation for product promotion and marketing purposes. Animated video simulations show how medicines interact and work inside the human body, describing the mechanism of action. 3D visualization of medical data also helps to explain and separate complex scientific information and have amusing factor and help to entertain the audience.

Medical 3D animation for procedures

3D medical animation procedures used for purposes of education of

  • patients. These animations are used by hospitals and practitioners to show the treatment plan and the nature of the procedure easily and to receive informed consent.
  • audience. Medical animation procedures can also be a part of a commercial on TV or YouTube video or medical company website.
  • students and stuff. Medical institutions and hospitals can show how surgical procedures carried out with the use of medical 3D animation and without the need of using a real life models or mannequins in the classrooms.

Scientific 3D animation for MOA

MOA mechanism of action for medication is used to visualize how pharmaceutical product performs. Medical 3D animation company designs realistic scientific 3D models for MOA that represent cellular structures and the way of action of drug molecules within the cells of a human body.

Medical 3D animation for products

Medical 3D animation for products used to demonstrate the abilities of innovative products in the healthcare industry. Usually, it’s a high technological device or a product with superior qualities.

3D medical animation for trade shows

Pharmaceutical products and drugs can be presented via 3D medical animation in exhibitions and trade shows and used to show how medical equipment functions or to present innovative solutions for healthcare needs. These medical animations are highly efficient for product showcasing and allow products to stand out in trade shows.


Why us?

Our talented and dedicated team of animation specialists are masters of creating 3D animated videos. ‘Digital SP’ specifically focuses on the medical environment and developing medical 3D animations that help in delivering scientific information in an easy format of video. The team of designers and artists assigned for a project works closely with marketing and branding specialists to help design animations that demonstrate your products, advertise and visualize the processes of action.

‘Digital SP’ company supports all stages of project execution starting with market research and analysis up to business implementation and maintenance.  The company helps in creating confident, evidently strong and appealing performances for medical representatives, pharmaceutical specialists and educational institutions.

The company possesses considerable expertise in IT development and specializes in creating 3D medical animation, especially for the needs of the medical environment. Cost-saving solutions and multiple options are offered within our medical 3d animation company service.



What is the cost of a 3D medical animation?

Summarizing the price of 3D medical animation usually requires a personalized approach. The major factors for pricing are the type, style and duration of the video. After determining these factors, you will see the estimated price. The final amount will be announced after the script the approval. ‘Digital SP’ defining 3D medical animation prices based on results of TM modelling.

How are 3D animations made?

The process of 3D animations making has something in common with cartoon or movie production.  It is usually is complicated project and the workflow consists of pre-production, production and post-production stages. The basic steps in the process of making include story and storyboarding, 3D model creation, rigging, animation, lighting, composition and final rendering.


What is the process for making a medical animation?

The 3D medical animation creation process is handled similarly to other animation but suggests a scientific approach regarding information and include stages like a collection of information, systematization of information, creation of a  visual image and script, storyboard, creation of a main and secondary object, production and animation.

What do clients need to provide for a 3D animation?

A brief style document with detailed information considering:

1) business objectives, closely associated with the company’s main strategy and goals of the video. This may include all the related research and data, obtainable data, measurable parameters, research or questionnaire gathered data. Time limitations for 3D video, key performance information.


2) target audience description. For the videos regarding the pharmaceutical industry, the target audience mainly consists of knowledgeable individuals or scientists. For the group of students or employees, it is recommended to collect information about age, level of education and professionalism, etc. For the medical 3D animation regarding B2B sector sales factors like job positions, hierarchy in the company, decision-making potential within the company is considered.

3) Detalization of product. Any valuable details about the product such as an instruction manual are helpful for creation as well as an informative message about how your product is advantageous, what problems does it solve, how is it different from the competitors, etc.

4) Visual perception provided to medical 3D animation company include ideas of design and vision. It is preferable to use similar color pallets, fonts and designs as your company brand and logo to achieve the desired efficiency. Fonts, pallets, design. The vision is recognizing video as being informative or creative, etc. If you do not have this, our company have many templates to choose from.


How can I get the most out of my 3D medical animation?

3D medical animation is effective for marketing purposes and increasing brand awareness. It allows to present products and explain concepts and mechanisms of implementation. The adaptability of medical 3D animation allows getting audience attention, for example by creating a world of molecule structure or visualizing the processes in the body. Close collaboration with our experienced team members ensures the quality of production and assists in achieving the goals of your 3D medical animation.

How long does it take to create a medical animation?

Creating medical animation as well any other type of animation is a time taking process, including many stages. Usually, the medical animated company produce simple animated videos in less than 1 week, however complex videos with 3D animated characters and multiple action scenes increase the production time by up to 6 weeks. Medical 3D animations involve scientific information gathering and stage of legal regulatory, medical approval or company approval policies. These factors must be considered when estimating 3D medical animation production time.


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