How to Introduce Your Company? Typical structure of the company’s presentation: main components 

To learn how to introduce a company to new clients and businesses effectively it is required to understand some components of a good presentation. The company’s presentation consists of several standard elements. The ideal structure depends on the business, the niche and the final communicational goals. The company presentation on slides is an approved and effective way of a business introduction. 

  • The presentation can be prepared in advance, before the meeting and used for conferences, exhibitions, speeches — places to contact potential customers, and distributed in a form of a brochure with a company presentation or links to a PDF file. This is a way to make more contacts with customers and continue to contact them in the future.  
  • How to introduce your business – just make the presentation beautiful and thoughtful, so it is hard to ignore or throw it away.  
  • Mailing lists, leads and landing — are online channels for a company’s presentation that can be used to attract clients.  
  • To be different from competitors and get remembered by potential clients, instead of offering a low price try offering a unique service.  

Presentation elements on slides  

1. For the first slide use the following: 

the company logo, a brief description of the business, contacts company’s contacts. 

2. Company’s sales and achievements details.

On the second slide, it’s often reasonable to present the company and answer the questions: who are you, what does the company do and how long are you doing business. It is also important to briefly tell about key achievements, without going into the history of the company, avoiding selfishness and unnecessary details. Working with big names and projects for famous clients and presenting figures are the best arguments in the list of achievements. These can be some solved tasks, hired employees, and successful deals with partners. Try to arrange facts creatively, use infographics, timelines, icons, etc. 

Solving the client’s problem. The company is here to solve the problem. Most importantly clients are interested not in getting to know you better and finding facts about the company’s achievements, but to find out h how you can be helpful to them and help deal with their problems. Tell about how you solve the client’s problem by giving the fastest service and deliveries, and why you have been chosen by many clients already. Show that you know about the client’s problem and know how to solve it. After all, you do it every day. However, avoid being selfish when speaking about yourself. Mention the benefits and   

guarantees that clients will get by choosing to work with your company. Use “You will always receive cement of any brand on time.” Demonstrate awareness of the problems and “pains” of customers. It is even reasonable to make a slide with the problem and a ready solution. This is one of the most critical slides(elements) of the company’s presentation. Invest time in creating it, stating something like “we are the best” simply isn’t enough here.  

3. Cases

It’s time to provide a proven record and speak about the promises made to new customers in slides 1 and 3. List company’s successful projects, showcase and remember people’s love stories. It’s always exciting to hear success stories and how other clients solved similar problems. It is highly recommended to showcase in the presentation. Not just giving promises, but giving successful examples and cases is considered the best practice for presenting a company.  Cases can represent stories according to the scheme: the task — how they did it — what problems they encountered — how they got solved — what they got in the end. Tell in detail, in numbers, how and what the company did for other clients. Don’t be too scared talking about difficulties — it inspires confidence. After mentioning that the client is still with you, and still using the company’s services. It shows reliability and trustworthiness. 

4. Differentiating business from competitors 

After showing that you solve customer problems efficiently, it is worth considering many other effective companies on the market. Is there a way to show how different is the company from many others? There is always a need to stand out and differentiate from competitors. Saying stuff like “we do everything like everyone else”, is not enough. It is essential to do a little more than the others or to do things differently, a little better, faster; for example for the same price but with a guarantee, etc. 

5. Creating a business profile in Google and other search engines 

An authorized profile of a business in search engines allows to create points on maps, and collect and read customer reviews. Potential customers can find the company’s office on the navigation or phone. This method is advantageous and requires no investment. Creating and filling a business profile refers to passive promotion, the page will work for the company for many years. 

The disadvantages include low efficiency. But without a business profile, it will be impossible to order advertising campaigns. Therefore, you should not ignore this method of promotion. 

6. Creating a company website 

In the modern realities world, a company is invisible without a website. Social networks are not enough. In practice, many potential customers believe that not having a website it’s a sign of a scam company, not providing any guarantees, customer support, information, contact, etc.   

A website is also needed for creating a profile in search engines to get noticed by customers on the internet and Google maps. It is convenient to create a website at the same time as a business profile.  

It is essential to keep the website constantly adapted to customer needs and stay engaged with existing and new customers. Analytics obtained from own pages can be used to form a marketing strategy, and track customer retention and engagement.  

It is a good idea to invest in a high-quality and understandable website, own domain name, and professional design.  

7. Certificates and licenses  

Clients trust certified suppliers and performers. Demonstrate certificates in the company’s presentation. Show expertise, knowledge and legitimacy of the business.  

8. Call to Action 

The company’s presentation can be finalized with a convincing call to action and cooperation. Tell the client what to do next: call, leave a message, a request, etc. Promise bonuses and discounts, and make the client get in touch as soon as possible.   


What to say to introduce a business? 

To present a company describe a convenient and understandable interaction from the application to the result, it helps to introduce the client to the work style. Be honest and transparent to assure future co-operation.  
Answer questions such as ‘How we work’ and ‘ How is everything organized ‘. 
To answer these questions, there is a classic element ‘how we work”. Briefly, in the form of a diagram, describe the stages of work, what is required to be done (call, specify, pay, receive) and what the client will receive at each stage.  

How do you introduce your business on social media? 

Own group on a well-known social media channel is a great alternative to the site. 
The most convenient platforms are Facebook and Instagram. They allow the creation of a store and business profile with links to products, prices and transactions from a social media account. These features allow starting with minimal financial expenses, and it is a great opportunity for a multimillion audience. Some brands don’t have physical stores and online is the only channel for these brands.  
Knowing how to use the Instagram interface allows you to conveniently sell products and conduct business. Understanding how to introduce your company as effectively as it is possible, it is required to invest a good amount of time. For the account maintenance the following actions are a must: 
– Systematically upload new high-quality content and articles containing a lot of detailed facts and statistics; 
– Arrange sweepstakes and contests for subscribers; 
– Be closer to your audience, respond to comments left, and conduct online broadcasts. 

How do I introduce my business online? 

Internet marketing includes as many tools as an offline promotion. For some businesses, it’s even more effective than traditional advertising methods. Online promotion methods for business include:  
– Creating a website. Potential buyers are more likely to trust a company represented online. It also is an effective method for getting interested in the company’s products. It has become a lot easier to create a website, and there is no need for programmers or web designers. However, without traffic, the website is useless; 
– SEO marketing means search engine promotion and ensures that the website gets to the top on search engine pages;  
– Targeted advertising in social networks, that only shows to those who fall under the searched parameters for the target audience (for example, people of a specific age and gender, with specific interests and hobbies, country, location, etc.).  
– Content marketing. This promotion means the creation of interesting content for the audience, such as articles, videos, etc.; 
– Teasers (“teasers”). This type of business advertising means attracting attention with the help of drama, intriguing headlines and images. The efficiency of the method is low. The majority of those who clicked on the teaser advertisement did it only out of curiosity but not the intention to eventually buy the product; 
– E-mail mailing lists. It is also not the most effective way, but well-known large business companies still prefer to use it. For start-ups and entrepreneurial projects, this method is less effective. 

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